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The redesign inspired me! / Newgrounds Archive

2012-02-08 18:28:18 by Phil

It's been a good 3 years since I've submitted something to Newgrounds... everything equally blam-worthy in their own right. (It only takes one look at one of my flash "games" to see what I mean.)
However, now this shiny new Newgrounds is here I feel like I should have a stab at making flash movies/games again! I'll see how it turns out.

Tl;dr: You don't care.

Oh yeah, and visit the Newgrounds Archive! Aksumka has been working his magic on a redesign of its own recently!

Edit: I clicked the 'Post to Front Page' option yet it isn't showing up anywhere on the front page... am I missing something here?


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2012-02-08 18:30:24

Show us what you got! :3


2012-02-08 22:56:30

Thata boy Phil!


2012-02-09 06:25:46

The front page doesn't update as instantly at the moment, we need to make it re-cache when news posts are submitted.


2015-04-25 03:17:02